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A reader responding to my syndicated column on human shields:

Mr. Goldberg:
The only comment I would make is that the reason that North Americans and Europeans make themselves human shields mostly against their own governments is that their governments profess to “have a conscience” and these human shields try to hold their governments to their own professed constitutions and agreements.

Most of the African, Chinese governments and Saddam Hussein’s regime do not have a tradition of constitutional human rights. Besides, these last regimes have never acted in a vacuum anyway; they have all been colonized by “the west” at one time or another and have learned brutal ways from their western masters who committed genocide against them while at the same time preaching love. Start with the Spanish conquistadors who soon brought along the priests and the European colonists of our countries who massacred the people they found and then
stole their land.

And the human shields are not “objectively in favour” of Saddam Hussein. They are subjectively in favour of the civilians – innocent men, women and children who will be slaughtered (U.N. estimates are as high as .5 million) if the U.S. goes to war against Iraq. And you use the word “liberation” of Afghanistan in the same way it was used in Vietnam – to liberate a village was to destroy it and that’s what your government did to up to 5 thousand innocent Afghanis who had never even heard of the World Trade Centre.

When will you consider that it is war itself that is our enemy? It matters little from where it comes. The Bush regime is making your country the most dangerous nation on the planet to the survival of our species. I am glad there are human shields coming from it.


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