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Affirmative Action Winners and Losers


Deroy notes in his column today that: “Michigan’s system [of race
preferences] should go the way of the recently rejected entrance exam at San
Francisco’s Lowell Academy. This selective government high school’s
admissions test had a perfect score of 69 points. Students of Chinese
descent needed at least 62 points to pass. Whites and ‘other Asians’
required 58 points for admission while blacks and Hispanics could gain
entrance with just 53 points.” Let me introduce you to a little girl of my
acquaintance, one of my daughter’s playmates, whose parents came to this
country from China recently. 4 years ago the mother was struck with ALS.
It began very suddenly: she came home from a shopping trip, sat down, and
found she couldn’t stand up again. Now she is far gone, speks in grunts
that only her mother (i.e. the little girl’s grandmother) can understand,
and is totally immobile. We have just heard that her husband is tired of
caring for her and wants a divorce. The family has no money. They are
looking for an institutional facility where the invalid’s mother can go with
her to care for her. New York State doesn’t seem to have any such facility.
This little child is facing a very hard life, and has already watched her
Mom turn into a vegetable. And eight years from now, when she applies to
college, she will be discriminated against so that Johnnie Cochran’s kids
can be waved through ahead of her. Grrrrrrr.


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