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Derb’s mention of burglars prompts me to report a rather minor couple of incidents, but ones that I think are significant, in part because “broken-window” things like this are starting to happen all over New York again, or so it seems from conversations with friends here. I live in a pretty good middle-class neighborhood. We’ve been seeing a bit more vandalism lately, and hearing stories of women being threatened on our formerly calm streets. There was even a rape outside a hospital half a block away, which is in no way a minor incident. A couple of nights ago, someone troubled himself to unscrew and steal the brass cover of the mail slot of our building, and also the brass handle on the top of a board we use to cover a trash can. It’s no big loss, obviously, and we’re blessed that nothing worse has happened — yet. Still, these things are another reminder that New York criminals in the post-Giuliani era are getting bolder. Oh yes: junkies are starting to congregate on the street outside the neighborhood methadone clinic. That never happened when Rudy was in charge.


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