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Jonah, we probably agree more than we disagree, but you latest post still fails to acknowledge fully the power-play involved here. The French “appeasement” of Iraq is now a means to an end, a leverage point from which to challenge American power. That challenge is bold and audacious—would that Bill Clinton were such an “appeaser” in pursuit of American national interests during the 1990s! Also, I’m not sure that allowing a given brute or tyrant to flourish, so long as it serves your interests and makes it possible for you to come a step closer to a much bigger and more important power objective—in this case, Franco-German domination of the new Europe (remember, America has, until now, been the most important European power post-WWII)—should really qualify as appeasement, but we could go on forever. Suffice it say that, at the very least, “appeasement” is an insufficient word for what is afoot.


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