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Dowd’s State


A while ago I decided that it was no longer necessary to read all of Maureen Dowd’s columns. So I can’t say whether her latest is her most deranged yet on the subject of Iraq. She writes, “After removing [Saddam Hussein], Mr. Wolfowitz, Mr. Libby and their fellow hawk Richard Perle can turn his country into a laboratory for democracy in the Arab world — creating a domino effect to give Israel more security. Once they have planted Athenian democracy on Mesopotamian soil, they envision orchestrating more freedom throughout the Middle East — as long as the region plays ball with the new sheriff. They’ll put pressure on Syria and Iran to abandon their support for terrorism. And then, with an American spigot, the oil will flow free — except to the French, who will pay dearly.” Riiight. We’re going to war to protect Israel and to start an economic blockade of France. Not many mainstream pundits are making the first claim, and I don’t think even the folks from ANSWER have made the second.