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Along with some of my colleagues, I got an e-mail from a Democrat at Harvard who’s very smart (although sadly misguided on cloning):

“To my GOP-loyalist homies,

“You probably didn’t even know you were my homies, did you? But at Harvard it’s hard to find more than one ‘out’ Republican in a gathering of less than three or four dozen, so you’re as close as I’m going to get to Republican homies. Anyway, speaking as a conservative-leaning Dem, I thought Bush hit it out of the park. I’m still probably not going to vote for him next time around, but there were moments in his speech where I wanted to _want_ to vote for him, if you know what I mean. I haven’t really felt that way since Reagan. And it was tactically brilliant for him to begin with domestic stuff — most of which he nailed, esp the malpractice stuff — and end on foreign policy. The result is that while
listeners were still thinking about foreign policy, on which Bush is probably strongest, lame-o Gary Locke starts off about domestic stuff, which the audience could (for the moment) care less about.”