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Stopping Hitler Early


Good email in response to today’s G-File:

If french PM Daladier had had the balls to reoccupy the Rhineland in 1934, as he was authorized by treaty and international law to do, there is ample evidence that the german military would have deposed Hitler. The French Army could have handled that one, the german’s contingency plan for a french response was straight out of Monty Python: “Run Away!”

But instead, he chose not to exercise France’s rights under law and convention – and we got WWII.

History books today would probably vilify him for his “brutal repression of a sovereign nation”.

But people would simply know Auschwitz as a train stop on the way to Minsk,
and Theresienstadt would be a spa town, and Buchenwald would be a nice place
to walk Cosmo, and Dresden would not be new-built since 1945. Yeah, there
would probably have been a reckoning in Europe with the Soviets – but who

That’s the difference of being a leader with vision, and a spineless jellyfish concerned with looking good to the ‘right people’. i.e., the difference between Bush and Clinton.

So let’s deal with ‘em. Good G-file today. Good Springer column, too.

But whadda I know? I’m not a famous, rich person, with the right connections and name recognition. I’m just a soldier, military historian, and computer geek in fly-over country, right? I mean, Katie Couric ain’t left any messages!


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