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More On Stay-At-Home Moms


In the current issue of The Atlantic Monthly, Caitlin Flanagan has a must-read essay surveying recent books about sexual dissatisfaction in contemporary marriages. She finds that couples with children are paying a big price for two-earner households: sexless, or sex-starved, marriages. The idea is that by the end of the day, after dinner is made, homework is supervised, and the kids put to bed, the working woman can be too tired for sex. Here’s Flanagan commenting on a popular new novel:

“If I Don’t Know How She Does It, a book about a working woman who discovers deep joy and great sex by quitting her job and devoting herself to family life, had been written by a man, he would be the target of a lynch mob the proportions and fury of which would make Salman Rushdie feel like a lucky, lucky man. But of course it was written by a with-it female journalist, so it’s safe, even admired. Allison Pearson, we have been given to understand, is telling it like it is. And what she’s telling us, essentially, is that in several crucial aspects the women’s movement has been a bust, even for the social class that most ardently championed it.”