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Now to The Women


From the Washington Post:

Leaders of women’s groups that oppose any changes to how the law is enforced were angered by the panel’s recommendations.
“We are deeply troubled by the commission’s action,” said Jocelyn Samuels, vice president of the Washington-based National Women’s Law Center. “This authorizes the secretary of education to radically restructure current practices. . . . The proposals recommended are every bit as damaging as any that have been put on the table.”
Donna Lopiano, executive director of the Women’s Sports Foundation, said, “The commission has opened the barn door for the Bush administration to weaken Title IX. This gives the education secretary license to do pretty much anything he wants.”

And, again, they are mad because their was a step toward fairness taken, instead of a legal mandate to discriminate against men, and manly sports. Oh, and they are mad that the law will now impede future Kelly Osbornes.


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