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Self-Defeating Feminists


A loyal reader and source points this out, after reading the National Organization of Women’s Superbowl Sunday commecial report:

Here we have these three bizarre positions from NOW’s Super Bowl ad report:
The first, from NOW itself, says there were too many men in the ads.
The second, from one of their “monitors,” says it’s bad when there are too many women in the ads.
The third, from their ranking, complains that one of the ads shows one man and one woman.

What NOW says: 1. Men were again the big winners in the Super Bowl ad extravaganza‹many more men than women were employed to act in the commercials, and much of the content of the ads was directed at the male viewer.

2. “I don’t mind the number of male-oriented ads. In fact, I will get worried when the ads are more female-oriented. I prefer to think that not many women care about the Super Bowl.”

3. #64: Anheuser-Busch ‹ Michelob work-out

“Put an intimate portrait of two thin, attractive people, of course a woman and man, and everyone will buy the beer‹and lose weight while they’re at it!!!”

I think NOW is perpetuating the stereotype that women complain all the time because they can’t make up their minds…


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