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“Somebody’s Momma or Daddy”


They’re finding charred body parts in east Texas, reports the NYTimes:

In Plainview, Tex., Tammy White’s three sons — 4, 6 and 8 — were riding a four-wheel all-terrain vehicle when they came across a charred leg. “They’ve been asking questions,” Ms. White said.

Her youngest, Colton, “keeps saying, `Go with me to the bathroom;’ he doesn’t want to be left alone,” she said. “The oldest one is sad, he’s really devastated. He says, `It’s so bad, no one should be looking at that stuff, no one should be taking pictures of it — it’s somebody’s Momma or Daddy.’

“I said, `Yes, baby, it is.’ “

Late today, Ms. White said she had seen a person’s charred and badly disfigured upper body, including the head, at a neighbor’s property a mile from her own. “I do not even know what to begin to say,” she said. “There’s nothing I can say.”


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