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Two important pieces that nail France’s intentions and ambitions in the current crisis. One is William Safire today:

“The underlying purpose of the Schröder-Chirac push was less about protecting or defanging Saddam Hussein than it was about a much more parochial goal: to assert permanent Franco-German bureaucratic dominance over the growing federation of European states. Opposition to American superpower, they thought, was their lever of Archimedes to move the Old World. “

The other is from Mark Steyn, a typically brilliant column on the whole “appeasement” question. Here’s the last bit:

“But through it all France is admirably upfront in its unilateralism: It reserves the right to treat French Africa as its colonies, Middle Eastern dictators as its clients, the European Union as a Greater France and the UN as a kind of global condom to prevent the spread of Americanization. All this it does shamelessly and relatively effectively. It’s time the rest of the West was so clear-sighted.”


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