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Strange and Sad


Talking to Israeli reporters on Sunday, Rona Ramon, the widow of Ilan
Ramon, said that her husband was at his peak when he died, the newspaper Yediot Ahranot reported:

“He was a happy and an optimistic person. When he left for space, he
left us this wonderful feeling that we are also part of this amazing
thing. He had to write a will but at the end didn’t because he thought
it was unnecessary. He always had a smile and he wanted us to keep on
smiling. We are not falling apart. We are strong for Ilan’s sake. We
will keep his spiritual will alive and he would want us to be happy,
calm and smiling.”

“I knew that if the launching went well, there would be nothing to worry
about because usually the malfunctions are during the launch and not
during the landing. The only thing that tears me apart now is that
during the liftoff, when we were all in high spirits, my youngest
daughter, Noa, looked at the sky and said, ‘I lost my daddy.’ She felt
what we didn’t allow ourselves to think about, as if she knew this was
the last time.”

“We stood and waited at the end of runway for the landing. It was a
beautiful day and the clock was ticking. When it got down to 10 seconds,
we started a countdown, just like in the liftoff, to hear the sonic
booms. But they didn’t come. We started to worry, and then they took us
to the side and told us that they didn’t know what had happened, but we
already knew. I didn’t even have to tell the kids, they knew


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