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Re: “God of California”


Rod, not to fall into our traditional positions here, but I think you jump a bit to quickly to condemn the Vatican New Age document. It’s long and I have not read it yet, but the press accounts I read of it, and a quick skim of it (you can find it here), suggest to me that it is not necessarily the outrage your post suggests it is. “The success of New Age offers the Church a challenge. People feel the Christian religion no longer offers them–or perhaps never gave them–something they really need,” the document says. That is something important to address. The document is also an unfinished product, a seeking of feedback, put out by the Council for Inter-religious Dialogue. I think it’s actually a good thing to 1) outreach to people who have left the Church, to show a genuine interest in understanding why they left 2) to help people in the Church to understand what this New Age stuff is about (so they can reach out to friends and family who have become caught up in it, perhaps). The document (which, again, I hope to read in full soon, but have not yet) appears to make clear that a lot of this stuff can be dangerous and tempting–and that if it involves renouncing belief in Christ it is wrong. Seems quite right.