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Tame Lions


I can count on one hand the number of games my favorite NFL team, the Detroit Lions, have won in the last two seasons. Their 5-27 record is their worst performance in team history, which is both pretty long and pretty miserable by pro-sports standards. Ah, the travails of being born and growing up in Michigan. Now the Lions have gone out and hired one of the best coaches in the game, who also happens to be a Michigan native: Steve Mariucci, who was recently fired by the 49ers for reasons nobody seems able to explain. It’s a great move, and gives even us jaded fans some reason to hope if not maybe next season, then at least maybe in a couple of seasons. So guess who’s complaining? O.J. lawyer Johnnie Cochran! Seems the Lions have erred in hiring a white guy, even though this story notes that the team contacted five minority candidates and that none of them wanted to be interviewed, partly because they thought Mariucci already had the job and partly, I’m sure, because it’s the Detroit Lions, for crying out loud! Memo to Cochran and his buddies: Please, please, please leave my 5-27 team alone. Go pick on someone your own size.


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