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My former landlord Eric Alterman has a piece/advertorial up on NRO today in our new regular debate feature. The subject is media bias and Alterman manages to cram a lot of condescension into a mere 500 words (note how many times he uses the word “smart”). A case in point, he offers this gratuitous swipe:

Here’s how I put it in the book: (And for you Goldberg/Coulter fans, those little numbers are called “footnotes.” They allow other people to check your work.)

I thought he meant me and posted a response earlier this morning. We Goldbergs may not all look alike, but when I see the name on my own site I sometimes get confused. Anyway, it was quickly pointed out to me that Alterman must mean Bernard Goldberg, author of Bias. And I unthinkingly erased the entry. I probably should have left it up. Good blogger form requires us to leave our mistakes up so we can atone for them for all eternity. Anyway, I acted too quickly and I still think the jibe is a dumb one. As I understand it, Coulter’s book has plenty of footnotes. And besides, with condescension like Alterman’s, less is more (note how many times he uses the word “smart.”). Still, my apologies if you saw the first post and then saw it disappear. I’m not trying to hide anything.


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