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Animal Wrongs


I have to say the email from my
syndicated column on animal rights has elicited some fascinating email. Some are fascinating for their thoughtfulness, some for their asininity. The column is basically a teaser for my NRODT piece about going vegan which, if you stopped eating lead paint chips and subscribed to NR, you should have read by now. I didn’t have room in my mag piece to get into my thoughts on Matthew Scully’s Dominion so I went into it a bit in the syndicated column. Basically I found Scully’s book to be outstanding though not fully persuasive. He certainly managed to change the terms of the debate on the right — by jettisoning the buffoonish arguments over “animal rights” and making the issue about human compassion.

Anyway, what’s interesting about the email is that it confirms a point I made in both the column and the magazine article, one which highlights a problem with Scully’s analysis. Meat-eaters take food just as seriously as vegans, it’s just that they imbue their food with different meaning.


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