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(Bob) Novak On Powell


I happened to catch some of Capital Gang on CNN Saturday, even though Kate O’Beirne wasn’t on. Consider this exchange:

MARK SHIELDS: Bob Novak, two questions. Did he — did Colin Powell make the case of material breach? Two, did he make the case for war?

ROBERT NOVAK: I don’t think he made either case. And as a matter of fact, I think if anybody else had been making that presentation, they would have said, Hey, what’s there?

Now, Novak is decidedly against the war and I think he’s wrong. But arguing that the war isn’t in America’s self-interest can be intellectually and morally defensible, even if I think it’s misguided. But Novak seems to be so decidedly anti-war at this point that he’s willing to make the absurd statement that Powell didn’t prove material breach. That’s simply goofy if you ask me and makes it difficult to take Novak’s substantive objections to war seriously.