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Subway Attack?


A New York reader suggests this explanation for why people were so grim on the subways today. Seems that a NYC newstalk radio station ran with an item this morning saying that a member of the House Intelligence Committee told her daughter, who lives in NYC, to stay out of the subways. When asked about it, the Congresswoman, Jane Harmon, didn’t deny warning her daughter, but said it wasn’t based on intelligence information (follow the link to the reader’s blog for more information). A friend of mine heard the same radio broadcast too.

Pardon me, but the Congresswoman’s explanation is hard to believe, given her position on the Intelligence Committee. Anyway, if the authorities have serious reason to believe there’s going to be an imminent attack on the city’s subways, then they should tell us, and let us plebes make our own minds up about whether or not to use the trains. Me, I’m going to keep using them (like six million other New Yorkers, I’ve got no choice), but not during rush hour, if I can help it.