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This War’s Hanoi Janes


Spike Lee and Edward Norton are disgraceful, despicable men. As mentioned earlier in The Corner, they are in Germany now at a film festival, trashing their country in wartime. “It’s nice being in Europe this week,” Norton told reporters in Berlin. “Almost everyone in Germany and France is in sync with the governments. I almost forgot what it’s like to be proud of my government.” If I said what I really felt, K-Lo would ban me permanently from the Corner. If Al Gore were our president, I would feel exactly the same way. You just don’t do that to your country. Use the link to read the whole story, and see what these and other shameful Celebrity-Americans, pampered Hollywood prisspots all, are saying abroad.

It is not unpatriotic to dissent from your government’s policy. It is unpatriotic and indescribably vile to go stand in the former capital of Nazi Germany, before the children and grandchildren of the SS and the Gestapo, and trash your American president and your American nation.

This should not be forgotten. Somehow, I don’t think Rush will let it pass without comment.


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