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Mary McGrory


Last week, she wrote that Colin Powell persuaded her that Saddam Hussein “is more of a menace than I thought,” and that while she is “not ready for war yet” she understands “that it might be the only way to stop a fiend, and that if we do go, there is reason.” She trusts Powell because he’s not one of those Bush warmongers. This week she spends more time bashing those alleged warmongers, and encouraging various worthies to go to Baghdad to act as human shields for Saddam Hussein–i.e., to deter Bush from bombing. So the president’s policy may be necessary, but meanwhile let’s throw sand in the gears? If we’re to read these columns as representing a coherent point of view, which is admittedly a stretch with McGrory, we would have to conclude that shielding Saddam is a more hawkish position than she would have taken before Powell’s presentation. Amazing.