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The Orifice That Won’t Shut Up


On the road with a talking vagina? Why does this concept sound like the nut of a joke that starts out “So a guy walks into a bar…”?

Have any of you Cornerites seen The Vagina Monologues? Not me, but I bought a copy of the script, and read it a couple of years ago. It’s as vulgar and stupid as you might imagine. It’s like reading a concentrated issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, except Cosmo doesn’t have pretensions to art. It is beyond me why any woman would see this kind of meretricious trash as liberating, or even meaningful. But to hear the show’s fans go on, you’d think that they were the new suffragettes, bravely defying all those vicious Patriarchal Penis People who want to deny women the opportunity to sit around and talk about their cooches. I mean, please.