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Kudos to Andrew Sullivan for blogging on a column from Brit Boris Johnson, who introduces a terrific neologism, gallistic, which means going hog-wild with French-bashing. Here’s Johnson in the Telegraph explaining why French perfidy is bringing the English public around to supporting the war:

“Just as everyone was laying into the Number 10 spin machine, the French did something so disgusting, so selfish, and so French, that the British media have had no choice. The press has dropped Alastair Campbell’s dodgy dossier, in favour of that time-honoured staple of the British journalist – the orgy of frog-bashing. Confronted by French treachery, previously fence-sitting newspapers such as the Daily Mail have suddenly seen the merit of the war, and the downmarket tabloids have gone gallistic. You know the kind of articles: they involve references to Vichy, tanks with reverse gears, garlic-guzzling peasants, women of loose morals cosying up to the Boche, and they traditionally end with the cry: ‘And they eat our children’s ponies!’”


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