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More Military Chaplain Blegging


Thanks to all of you, military chaplains and friends of military chaplains, who responded to my first post. I’ve spent the last couple of days having some amazing conversations with some very fine men serving their country and their God in the chaplain corps. Some of the things they’ve lived through … well, you’ll just have to buy the next issue of NRODT to read about it (so subscribe already). Their stories, and their dedication, are definitely are the antidote for wimpiness in the pulpit.

I have another request, this one for veterans or currently serving military personnel: Has a military chaplain ever touched your life in a profound way? Helped you through a serious crisis? Shown you to a deeper faith in God? Been an example of courage and goodness and the light of God in a dark place? Write me and tell me about it. Assume that anything you send me will be quotable, unless you explicitly tell me not to use your name. Send to [email protected]


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