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Malaysian Immigrant Vs. Hollywood


Malaysian immigrant Anuska Anastasia Solomon criticizes the narrow-minded Hollywood anti-war protesters who refuse to confront the world’s realities of good and evil:

The anti-war demonstrations – reminiscent of the 1960s and heady, I am sure, for Americans enamored with democratic process – do not address the vitriolic anti-Americanism that caused Sept. 11. Nor do they take careful account of the peculiar dilemma of the Iraqi people and of Muslims all over the world.

It is disheartening to observe among Americans a form of anti-Americanism, of self-hate, that transforms into a nebulous, rude and uninformed rebellion against a president and an administration that has been called into power for such a time as this….

The Iraqi people are victims of Islamic government. There is no room for God, freedom of speech, thought, or worse, conscience in the Islamic political, social and cultural environment….

Freedom needs to be coupled with truth. Waving slogans and stripping naked does not set us free. The reality is that there is no Islamic constitution. Freedom as we understand it does not exist on Islamic soil….

The “white male majority,” the Founding Fathers of America, not perfect men by any means, were inspired to write the unique American Constitution, according freedoms that must be defended at any cost. The civic institutions and character by which America became great militarily, commercially and culturally can be emulated. I’m no poet of Allen Ginsberg’s stature to howl – but there is a time to speak.

The enemy is not American.

Ms. Solomon is one of the Denver Post’s “Compass” columnists who provide perspectives from under-represented communities.