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The Blue and The Red


The reviewer for the Village Voice, which is the parish newsletter of the Church of New York Liberalism, can’t understand why there aren’t protests against Gods and Generals:

If a Confederate flag flying in South Carolina is cause for uproar, how is this movie escaping into theaters without precipitating an NAACP press conference? Ballooning, jingoistic goat spoor, Maxwell’s movie, with its relentless nationalism, mooning over the soldiers’ steeliness of nerve, purity of heart, and evangelical self-justification, is all too relevant today. Unfortunately, in a nation where the word ‘evildoers’ is used by straight-faced adults, the film might end up being effective propaganda.

Yeah. Courage, virtue, patriotism, faith — all right-wing garbage, back then and even now. Tell me again about the split between Blue America and Red America.


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