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Major Revealation


So, the big story dominating local New York sports in the last few days is that–(gasp! shock! horror!) — Yankee pitcher David Wells likes to drink and can be something of an obnoxious boor! So, is this what’s the enforced sobriety has come down to!?

Wells may even be rode out of town because he admits–in an upcoming biography–that he was “half-drunk” when he pitched his perfect game in 1998. Wells also claimed that as many as 40 percent of major-leaguers use steroids.

According to the general manager, this sort of behavior isn’t upholding “Yankee tradition.” Um, as, (unfortunately) only one sports-talk radio host has noted, is this the same team for which Babe Ruth played? Mickey Mantle? Billy Martin? Sparky Lyle? Jim “Ball Four” Bouton? Seems to me Wells is most definitely upholding the Yankee tradition!

As for Wells being “half-drunk” while tossing a perfect game, am I the only person who’s reminded of President Lincoln’s response when someone told him that Ulysses S. Grant was a world-class drinker? “Find out what brand he favors, and give it to my other generals.”


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