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Video Files--a Bleg


Here’s a bleg. I have two *.AVI-format video files. Please don’t ask how I
got them. I was fooling around 4-5 yrs ago with some stuff for capturing
VHS tape images. The stuff is long gone, I have no video capability on my
desktop (unless there’s something in Windows Me that I don’t know about–&
even if there is, based on my 2 yr experience with WinMe, it probably
doesn’t work). Anyhoo, these files are HUMONGOUS–around 120 Mb each.
Don’t ask me why, I forget. Now, I want to put these two video clips up on
my web site. Obviously, they’re going to need to be compressed for me to do
that. WAY compressed. So… how do I compress them? Without spending a
fortune (I don’t mind spending a BIT), or wasting hours frigging around with
software designed by propellor-heads for propellor-heads? Any help much
appreciated. Please respond to [email protected] with subject line VIDEO


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