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Re: Kissling


Kathryn, on the program tonight, I looked tonight for an opportunity to point out how odd it is that Kissling is all in favor of us listening to the Pope now, when she has built her entire career on saying that Catholics don’t have to listen to the Pope on the matter of abortion. (N.B., it may not be clear to non-Catholics or ill-informed Catholics, but on the matter of abortion, Catholics cannot in good conscience dissent from the Church’s teaching that it is evil; on the matter of war, however, the Church does not have the same level of moral authority with regard to the bind it can put on a Catholic’s conscience. Don’t take my word for it; look it up in the Catechism).

Anyway, I wanted to point out that Kissling has been active in an effort to get the Holy See kicked out of the United Nations, where it has official observer status. But now she’s a big defender of the Church and its influence! Hypocrite.