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Oh No.


A reader just sent this:

The latest issue of the comic “Exiles” (issue #23, on the stands now,
by Marvel Comics) features a story about an alternate future wherein the
hero Iron Man rules the Earth as “President for Life”. During an exchange
with some of his staff, he not only mentions National Review but even orders
the murder of the editor. She has to be killed, he says, because “…the
media is supposed to be our tool, not a soapbox for that woman’s damn

Well, since the editor of National Review on Dead Tree (hey, by the way, do you subscribe yet? NO??????? Why not, for goodness sake? Subscribe here .) is not a “she” and Rich Lowry has never done anything that would offend Iron Man, so far as I know, I wonder….did I complain about comic-book talk in The Corner one too many times?!