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Hamas Horrors


I have been reading a full account of the horrible bus bombing in Israel yesterday. The act, by a suicide bomber has been praised by the terrorist group Hamas. Reading this stuff isn’t nice, but you should read it none the less. The people who do this kind of thing, and the people who egg them on, are beasts and monsters. I hope the Israelis find and kill every one of them. When you publish remarks like this, you get angry e-mails from Israelophobes saying: “What about the child killed in that Israeli raid last week?” Now look: A large portion of the Arab world wants to destroy Israel and slaughter her people. They always have, and quite likely always will. The Israeli army acts to defend the country against these folk, as best they can. That’s what an army is for. In doing so, they often kill innocent people. That’s awful: but it is *N*O*T* morally equivalent to deliberately blowing up a bus full of schoolkids. If you don’t understand that, you have no moral sense.
John Derbyshire


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