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Tbl, Remembered


The Friday before Sept. 11, 2001 I was on. One of the assorted topics: Is Michael Jackson’s comeback real (it was the weekend he was doing that “Michael Jackson and Friends” thing in NYC). It would be the perfect “Sept. 10 vs. Sept 12″ story except TBL never really adjusted. A month or so ago I was on and one of the planned topics was why people in Hawaii were skinnier than people in Philly. Mercifully things like the presidential race (EDWARDS: AMBULANCE CHASER OR SAVIOR….I made that up, sorta) and the war on terror (seriously….) ate up the bulk of the time. Black hole, indeed. Wonder what will take its place as worse quasi-pol/pundit talk on TV. There is the whole CNN primetime weeknight lineup. Sorry, Jonah…but I don’t think you spend too much time from Connie Chung to Aaron Browne anyway.