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In light of continuing complaints about rape at the Air Force Academy, the Air Force has come up with an idea that was once obvious, but in this day and age must be counted brilliant and original. The Air Force is now considering separating the dormitory rooms of male and female cadets. After all, as the Washington Post reports, male cadets now see female cadets in intimate circumstances–-walking down the hall with bathrobes on, etc. But no, say the military’s “rape counselors” and “sexual violence experts,” separate dorms would be a “step backwards.” The pro-androgyny feminists who have insinuated themselves into the military’s bureaucracy aren’t truly concerned with stopping rapes. Their real hope is to use the sexual scandals made inevitable by their utopian gender-mixing policies as a license for yet more programs that try to teach soldiers that men and women are the same. At a time when America faces war on all fronts, let’s hope our military finally has the guts to reign in these silly and damaging feminist experiments.


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