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I am contemplating another P.O.D. venture. (That is, “print on demand”–the
modern form of vanity publishing.) I did one before via the P.O.D. firm
Xlibris . It wasn’t a
sensationally bad experience, but I think I’d like to try a different P.O.D.
firm this time. Any readers who have had HAPPY expeiences with a P.O.D.
firm, please email & tell me about it ([email protected]). If you don’t
mind, I’d like to know how much the venture cost you. My idea is to do a
collection of my pieces. Of the hundreds of essays, reviews & fragments of
fugitive journalism I’ve done these past few years, there’s a handful I’d
like to gather together & preserve in some format more durable than pixels.
When I mentioned this to a publisher the other day, he ran for the elevator.
Publishers hate that kind of thing–no market for it. Fine, but I’d like to
do it anyway. All suggestions gratefully received.


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