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From a reader:

Dear Jonah,

I just had to relay this story to you it’s absolutely priceless.

I’m relatively new at this company, where I’m pretty much surrounded by lefties – yeah, welcome to Boston – and where the executives make condescending remarks about Bush and the war effort at meetings.

A couple of weeks ago, a co-worker came by my office and saw my copy on dead tree copy of National Review [I read it on the T where I get really strange glances] on my desk and gave me the most horrible look. It fairly screamed: “wow, I never thought you were one of those barbarians?”.

Well, today, I was happily sipping coffee from my newly arrived Cosmo Mug – proudly purchased from the NRO store – and the same person came by. Only this time, instead of sneering, she had a smile on her face and asked “who’s that cute dog?”.

After my initial shock, I replied: “Oh, that’s Cosmo, he’s a famous journalist”. She walked away a bit puzzled – but still smiling as she hadn’t pegged me completely wrong – at least I have good taste in dogs.

I’ve been chuckling about this all day. Friggin priceless.


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