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The Cost of Naivete


An American college student serving as a human shield in the Gaza Strip was killed by an Israeli Army bulldozer. The Israelis have a policy of demolishing houses of Palestinians they believe help terrorist groups. This young woman was part of a group of protesters trying to stop the demolition. It’s a shame, but what did she suspect? Israel is fighting for its life, and she’s standing on the side of terrorism. I feel bad for her, I guess, but about as bad as I felt for the violent young Italian anarchist who was shot dead by an Italian policeman as he rioted at an anti-globalization protest in Genoa. Civilization will defend itself, whether left-wing romantics like it or not. If you don’t want to be run over by an Israeli army bulldozer, then don’t come between it and the house of a terrorism backer. It’s that simple.


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