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“On The Side of Good Like Che Guevara”


A priceless article in The Christian Science Monitor on the human shields in Iraq who are having a hard time grasping that a fascist totalitarian regime isn’t brimming with peace, love and understanding:

But there is no shortage of reminders of how the image of the human shields – to the chagrin of many of them – has been tied to that of Hussein. During a friendly soccer match on Saturday, at which shields wearing boots and tennis shoes tied 4-4 with a well-cleated Iraqi squad, Belgian human shield Jean-Michel Houplina released a white dove to “symbolize peace in every man’s heart, all over the world.”

But when child cadets dressed in military fatigues began a common chant at half-time – “Yes, yes, our heart and soul for you, Saddam” – Mr. Houplina went to the group and implored: “Please don’t sing that!”

“When you hear the chanting, that just made me think: ‘That’s it, I’m going. I’m not here for this,’” says Sands. “The tension and dilemma of it is horrible – we’ve been used by both sides.”…..

….The experience has been an eye-opener for many Westerners here, unfamiliar with Iraq’s authoritarian regime. “A lot of shields were thinking it was black and white, and that we were on the side of good like Che Guevara,” adds Sands. “But it’s not black and white at all.”


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