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No Hard Targets


Bush talked about “the dictator” and “the tyrant” more than he talked about Saddam. This isn’t personal. He didn’t talk about France (or Great Britain) explicitly, although his comments about the UN’s failure were pointed. He wasn’t defensive about U.S. “unilateralism.” The warning to the Iraqi military was well couched, as was the explanation to the Iraqi people that this will not be a war against them. Finally: Opponents of the war have been carping that the justification for the war keeps changing–first it’s human rights, then it’s the threat of weapons of mass destruction, then it’s the violation of UN resolutions. Tonight his fundamental justification was the threat. The human-rights argument was part of his conversation with the Iraqi people, rather than the argument he made to Americans. Oh, and one more thing: There won’t be any kvetching tomorrow about Bush having been tired.


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