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I Think Someone Has a Crush On Me


Mickey Signorile gets his panties in a bunch over Howard Kurtz. Lord knows I’m not one to whine too much about name calling, but I do try to attach some logic or rationale, unpersuasive though they may be, to my barbs. Time and again this joker just throws the stuff around like a drunk buffoon who won’t settle down about the fact the world’s against him (this is hardly the first time Mickey’s mentioned me, by the way; I think he’s a little obsessed.). Anyway, the relevant passage:

It’s certainly true that Kurtz, among the most influential pundits in America, hardly ever comes under scrutiny. We often see blistering criticisms from right-leaning commentators and journalists about Paul Krugman and Maureen Dowd, or, from those on the left, about Coulter and Andrew Sullivan. But hardly anyone ever criticizes Howard Kurtz, even though, as Alterman shows, Kurtz is clearly partisan. Indeed, Kurtz often promotes a conservative agenda, has given the Bush administration a free ride and regularly showcases as “mainstream” such gasbags as Rush Limbaugh and National Review’s idiotic frat boy, Jonah Goldberg.

Just for the record, I’ve criticized Kurtz. But anybody who knows the guy or follows his writing knows this is hysterical nonsense. Kurtz may be partisan or he may not be, I have no idea because the one thing he isn’t is “clearly partisan.” As for me, I never belonged to a fraternity, but even idiots know you’re not supposed to call them frats.


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