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Not Newsday Worthy


Yesterday, Newsday incorrectly claimed that Dwight Ware Watson, the tractor terrorist, is a pro-war demonstrator: “Protesters on both sides of the war debate yesterday let themselves be heard in the nation’s capital. … An unidentified man, showing his support for American troops, wore military fatigues and played recordings of military cadences as he drove a tractor into the reflecting pond between the Washington Monument and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. Meanwhile, 54 anti-war protesters were arrested on the lawn of the Capitol for performing acts of civil disobedience.” Both sides of the war? Meanwhile? It’s true that Ware has a “Support Our Troops” sign on his tractor, but as the Washington Post made clear yesterday, he’s opposed to war with Iraq. Newsday has a small story on the tractor terrorist today, but it does not correct yesterday’s false claim.


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