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Frum’s piece was a powerful, and long overdue, response to all the
“Goldberg Review” nonsense that the paleos have been shoveling for so long
(though I thought that lumping Bob Novak with Sam Francis might have been
painting with too broad a brush).

I appreciate John Miller’s vouching for my bona fides even though we
disagree on immigration. But there’s a broader point here, going beyond
immigration. Frum’s piece is called “Unpatriotic Conservatives,” but the
paleos (or at least the more bitter among them) are only one part of the
non-patriotic right; the libertarians (or at least the more doctrinaire and
fanatic among them) are the other component. The point is that, even though
they disagree about immigration, the despairing paleos and the utopian
libertarians share a tenuous loyalty (at best) to the actually existing
Constitution, territory, and people of the United States of America. We
should turn our backs on both.


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