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Re: Rout


A reader knocks some sense into me:

I did ponder it, and think you need to stop overthinking things.

First, on the rout. If we’re performing this invasion partly for North Korea’s benefit (in that we deter him from his present course of action), then undoubtedly Kim Jong Il also recognizes that his regime is vulnerable to a similar collapse. He has to be. Tyrants may be able to spout a line to the masses, but in their heart of hearts they are truthful and realize that they must maintain the iron fist or else everything will fall apart. I also disagree with it “seeming” that Iraq is collapsing under its own weight anyway. It’s fairly obvious that were it not for our recent actions, the Hussein regime would be toddling merrily along, murdering and raping as usual. It took the system shock of the EGBU and the U.S. Marines to start the collapse. But without that shock, I doubt any collapse would have happened, at least not in a timeframe to be useful. Kim probably recognizes the same thing, that if we turn our serious attention to ousting him, he will have a battle on two fronts…the external (us) and the internal (the house of cards he himself has built).


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