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The B-52s


Most of you think the U.S. wants Iraqi to know about the B-52s. Here’s one e-mail:

It appears to me that the Administration and the military folks
understand that there are cameras literally everywhere. I suspect that they
have planned for this. I suspect that the timing of embedded reporter
reports are not coincidental but probably part of the overall plan. We have
B-1 bombers at Diego Garcia, an island on which no reporters are present. We
have F-117 Stealth and other fighters on our carriers, where the military
controls the reporters.

If B-52s have taken off from England, I suspect the military know that
reporters might mention that fact. Perhaps this was the equivalent of a
Defense Department press release to the Iraqi leadership: The big guns are
coming. . . Perhaps it is the duty of reporters to go along with this and
report what they see (don’t tell ABC).