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The Nro Birthday Bleg Continues


It is written in our contracts here at NRO that on our birthday’s we must ask our beloved readers to subscribe to the paper sister (mother? father?) of NRO, NRODT (National Review on Dead Tree). We should just call this birthday-bonanza week. If you didn’t subscribe on Jonah’s birthday, there is still time. Today marks the day one K-Lo was born, an Andrew Stuttaford, and, well, William Shatner. Between the three of us, one of us must make you want to subscribe to NRODT (and if you find these–or over-posting me–annoying, rest assured you might at least get these pitches to stop one day when we are confident NRODT has conquered the world of magazine readers). In fact, if we get enough subscriptions today so I can earn my NRODT patch already, I might even consider lifting the Star Trek ban (that, my gift to Andrew and to Jonah belatedly). Maybe. If you have already subscribed, always feel free to donate to this webzine you’re tuned into. Enough of those and we might start being able to offer Bee Gees CDs with your contributions.


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