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Musta Been a Methodist


Funny, but when I went to be at four a.m. this morning (propping my eyes open with toothpicks so I could watch the conclusion of the standoff at Umm Qasr), we were hearing on TV that the suspect in the Camp Pennsylvania murder and attempted murders was thought to be a Muslim. This morning, nobody’s talking about this on TV. Wolf Blitzer interviewed Rummy, asked him three questions about the Camp Pennsylvania event, and didn’t bring up the obvious questions (Is this suspect a Muslim? If so, and he’s guilty, is this a problem for us, being that we’re fighting a war in an Arab Muslim country, and that many Muslims believe that Muslims have no business fighting other Muslims on behalf of infidels?)

All reference to the suspect’s religion, which is a very relevant factor here, seems to have disappeared. I guess this dude must be a Methodist.


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