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My Iraqi-Commanders-Moving-to...


…above-grocery-stores-to-avoid-U.S.-bombs guy writes,

Many Iraqi commanders may have well picked up and moved “operations” to
the corner grocery, but only in the sense that they are hiding from air
Command and Control (C2) facilities are not that easily moved. You need
equipment, transmitters, access to data from the battlefield, etc. Much
of which can’t simply be thrown in the back of a pick-up and moved. Any
attempt to use anything other than prepositioned and equipped facilities
at such a high command level would quickly result in chaos (which is
apparently happening). You can’t control three heavy RG divisions miles
away with bike messengers and carrier pigeons.
BTW, I have just learned that I was passed up as Jonah’s “military guy”
and have emailed him expressing my disappointment. You interested?


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