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Gun Guys Wanted


This reader asked me for my advice. I told him to look up the work of John Lott and Dave Kopel. But I also offered, by way of experiment, to post his email address in the Corner and let other folks interested in the subject contact him directly. Since it’s Saturday night, traffic should be manageable. But I thought this might be an interesting thing to do from time to time — assuming it doesn’t make me a full-time traffic cop. (Also, I really don’t need to be cc’d on every email). Anyway if you want to help the kid out:


I’m a college student at a smaller state school in Oklahoma, and even though this is the “Heartland,” there is a pervasive Jacobin influence in most my classrooms (I guess that’s no surprise given that I’m a journalism major). Well anyway, as a core requirement for my media course I will be forced to watch your good friend Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine. In preparation for that date I have already acquired the necessary barf bags, but I am in need of statistical ammo with which to bitch-slap my professor in the mandatory group discussion that will take place after the showing. Since Moore is known for playing fast and loose with statistics, I was wondering if you knew where I could find reputable gun info that would refute some of Moore’s claims. I’m specifically looking for info regarding our nation’s per capita murder rate (guns vs. other means), international comparisons, breakdowns by race and income, etc. If you could provide any help or get me in touch with a “gun guy,” I would really appreciate it. I’ve been a G-Phile since April 2002 (one-year anniversary coming up!), and I’ve become irrepressibly addicted to NRO and NRODT. It’s quite pathetic (my day starts and ends in the Corner every day) but extremely rewarding. In addition, I’m making steady progress in what I call my “personal conservative jihad” (reading all of Jonah’s Conservative Canon).


Justin Dutton
[email protected]


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