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Military Guy Vs. The Airforce


My Military Guy takes exception to Dave Kopel’s post. I await Air Power Guy’s retort.

From Dave Kopel (who I am NOT annoyed with, he’s just reporting here): “…If you don’t have a particular recipient for the gift, the program will send your gift to someone in the Air Force.”

What? Defaults to the Airedales!?! The guys who live in air conditioned tents? Who wave at their officers when they go off to war? The officers who come back to the O’Club and a nice, air conditioned tent (or to their regular home in England and Missouri)? Gimme a break here!
Don’t get me wrong – I tolerate the Air Force, they’re generally pretty useful, you just have to learn to duck when they’re around, ‘cuz sometimes their target id is a little fuzzy…
Since 3rd ID and 15th MEU don’t have PX’s with them, how about defaults to those logistics guys who are pushing all the stuff forward, running the gauntlet, as it were?
The AIR FORCE! Oh for pity’s sake. Those guys are getting better than the Marines at good press. Sheesh!
There is one exception I will make for the Air Force – the family members of the air crew who leave home to fly off to bomb one day and come home the next. Those families have a stress that is daily and immediate in a way not like anyone elses… except those families who are watching TV and see their loved one in the middle of a fire fight, but even that is only once, not a near daily fear of ‘will daddy come home tonight?’


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