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Re: Military Guy V. Air Force


From a reader somewhere North of Afghanistan (how cool is that!):


I can’t say I know what the conditions are in the Iraqi area of Operations but I can tell you that I am stationed (somewhere north of Afghanistan, still working Operation Enduring Freedom) on an Army post. And while we all live in similar tents now, the Army is having hard billets built that we have been told would be for Army only. The Army has cable (ok so it is just Armed Forces networks) in their tents, the AF does not. While the support aspects of the Airforce usually live it up nicely compared to the Army, Military Guy would do well to remember that the airplane operators and maintence often live right there near the forward line of battle. Of course, I can be biased since I am a C-130 pilot, and I know Military Guy acknowledged the aircrews who “fly off to bomb one day and come back the next” but he overlooks the part of the airforce that gets right down into the dirt with the troops – the Tactical Airlift and the C-130 Hercules…where else is are the soldiers going to get their bullets and beans without an Airforce 130 that is willing to fly in at 300 feet to a blacked out dirt landing zone that 4000 feet long in a combat zone? The army has it, we haul it…

But I don’t feel too slighted by Military Guy, we are the low priority on the USAF list as well, probably because we are closer to more of the Army than the Air Force, something of a step-child is the joke in the community…


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