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“Ygbsm! Re: Military Guy Vs. The Airforce”


From a reader:

Re: the Corner post of 1 April, 08:20.

A minute percentage of Air Force flyers, perhaps only a couple dozen, will take off from their home base, press to combat targets, and then fly home. The only
guys I can think of who do this are some of the B2s flying out of Missouri. There may be a handful of others that I’m not aware of, but many thousands of
other USAF flyers, maintenance troops, logisticians, etc. have forward deployed to many wonderful “garden spots” and are doing their level best to ensure the way is as clear as possible for our bro’s in the Army and Marines.

Now, as for the pulling about air conditioned tents… I can’t vouch for all the dozens of locations from which USAF aircrews are delivering their 1500 daily
doses of whupass, but I know the Marines and Army bubbas are glad the AF is pounding the ever-loving-snot out of the Iraqi thugs before the US troops come into contact with them. If some of the AF folks have air conditioned tents, and the Marines and Army get to enjoy a straight-shot-250-mile roadtrip to the outskirts of Baghdad, it sounds like a fair trade to me.

Also, I’m not sure if the YGBSM acronym translates easily: “You Gotta Be Sh*tting Me”.

Love your work, NRO, The Corner, and NRODT.

[Name withheld]
Active duty Air Force Lt Colonel, with a cousin in the Army (in the thick of things now), another cousin in the Coast Guard, a brother in the Navy, an Uncle who is retired Army, a grandfather who was retired AF -RIP, and my father was a Marine – KIA at KheSahn